Sunday, November 28, 2010

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Monday, November 15, 2010

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Friday, November 12, 2010

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Kelly Brook, Cum Slave in THE AUDITION—PART ONE

It was very hot that day in Los Angeles. Kelly’s tanned skin was moist and so was her long brown hair, which she had put up to try and keep cool. Fortunately, she thought, she had shaved her pussy so it would have a little relief from the scorcher, but the pussy was dripping as usual, and her cunt juices were running down the inside of her long shapely legs. Tottering a little on her strappy sandals with eight-inch spike heels, her hoop earrings and bangles jingled.

The sleeveless micro-dress she was wearing had a strategic cut-out, a saucer-shaped opening that showed off her abundant cleavage; the thin camel-coloured fabric was clinging to her hourglass figure and the naughty nipples that stood out like an invitation to be suckled.

She came to the non-descript three-story building near the corner of Sunset Boulevard and La Brea, and looked at the small metal plate on the door at the side in the alleyway.

“Scimione Talent Agents. Rome, Italy-Los Angeles, California.” This was the place her girlfriend had told her about.

Things weren’t going all that well for Kelly in money terms. Yes, she was making a fair penny with her modeling and television work, but it seemed she couldn’t stop spending. All those trips back and forth between her home in England and all the places she just had to see while she was young and gorgeous; and of course, all the shopping. And, and, and. Well, what’s a girl to do? She thought. She’d fired her accountant but she was hopeless at managing her finances, and her bank manager told her she was seriously overdrawn. So she needed to make some extra cash quickly.

Her girlfriend had given her the off-white business card with raised printing she was now looking at. The information matched the one on the plaque. “A little old-fashioned,” she said to herself. “But very stylish and elegant. Like the Italians.”

Kelly smiled, her full lips glistening as she remembered an orgy she’d been to on a huge yacht in Portofino. The Italians knew how to have a good time. And she’d done things she couldn’t even tell her BFF.

Kelly’s snatch gushed with excitement and a river of pussy juice ran down her thighs. She’d have to masturbate as soon as she could. The Rabbit vibrator in her clutch bag was very dependable; she could get herself to orgasm in a few minutes, especially if she used the attachment that worked the rim of her butthole, and alternated that with massaging her clit. She was getting herself even more excited just thinking about it.

Going up one flight of stairs, she walked down the cool narrow hallway and found the office. The oak door had the same discreet brass plaque, and she pressed the buzzer.

The door opened. A tall blonde wearing nothing but black spike heels, a studded dog collar and cuffs, with rings in the nipples of her proud, thrusting breasts, greeted her. “Miss Brook?” she said, her sultry voice getting Kelly even hotter than her spectacular nude body. “Mr. Scimione has been waiting for you.”

The blonde led Kelly through the small reception area into her employer’s office, which only had room for a desk and a chair, though these were massive mahogany with black leather trim. The man at the desk motioned for Kelly to sit down. She did, and her cunt juice flowed all over the leather faced seat.

She looked at the photos on the wall. There were actresses she recognized, all doing things she’d heard about, but could hardly believe. Pictures of well-known starlets in Hollywood in sex acts that put a porno star to shame. Would she have to do the same?

The man got up, stepped forward and kissed her hand. He was not young, but probably middle aged, she imagined. But she didn’t dare ask. In any case, he had that self-assurance of a man who had seen many things, and this turned her on. She liked older men because they had that confidence. The bulge she could see under his well tailored gabardine trousers told her another reason why he was sure of himself.

“Scimione, Signora Brook. Veramente un piacere fare la vostra conoscenza.” His voice was calm and she found his Italian accent erotic.

Kelly’s Italian was good enough to know he was addressing her with respect. ‘A true pleasure to make your acquaintance’ he had said. Italians knew how to seduce a woman by being elegant.

And they were such pigs when it came to sex. Kelly thought of her former rich Italian boyfriend who loved fucking her in the ass in the middle of Rome during an afternoon traffic jam on the back seat of his big Maybach limousine. He had sodomized her while pedestrians walked up and peeked inside. She’d never had such an orgasm in her life.

Scimione sat on the edge of his desk and handed Kelly some color photos. They were pictures of her wearing a sleeveless white studded dress, also with a big scoop showing off her cleavage. There were big blobs of semen on her boobs and face. Kelly’s beaming smile showed she was very happy with cum all over her.

“So, Kelly, you are a girl who enjoys adventure.” The man looked at the photos, and looked at her.

Kelly was a little embarrassed. How had he gotten hold of those pictures? She smiled meekly at him. Maybe if she sucked his cock, her secret would be safe.

As if he already knew, the man had unzipped and his erection was exposed, the shaft throbbing and ready.

Kelly knew what she had to do. She took the thick member in her mouth and expertly swallowed it, undoing his belt and pulling his trouser and briefs down so she could work his balls while she sucked. It wasn’t long before she could feel the sperm filling his nutsack.

Timing it perfectly, she withdrew his hard dick from her mouth and jacked him off all over her face.

The man put his erection, still hard, back into his pants and did himself up. “Very good, Kelly. You have passed the first stage of the audition. Next, we will talk about the business at hand.”

There was a big oscillating fan in the corner of the office, and it blew on Kelly, drying the sperm on her face and tits to a light crust. She was wetter than ever, and she wanted desperately to get herself off too.

“Excuse me. But do you mind if I masturbate?” she asked timidly.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

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