Saturday, May 21, 2011

After School’s E-Young injures her finger while playing the bass

On May 21st, After School’s E-Young guested on tvN’s “Big Question” and accidentally injured her finger while playing the bass for the audience.

A staff on set revealed, “E-Young is a rookie so we expected her to be nervous, but she did not stop her performance even while bleeding, surprising the staff and cast members on set. She was very professional with the way she calmly carried on.”

When asked whether it hurt, E-Young replied, “I had already started the performance so I wanted to finish showing it to everyone. I still have so much left to show, so I’m upset that I wasn’t able to.”

Netizens commented, “Her skin got cut, it must’ve stung so bad”, “Bleeding on broadcast, looks like she’s gonna hit a daebak”, and “I was so shocked to see her continue playing even while bleeding.”

Check out the clip below!

source: allkpop

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