Friday, May 20, 2011

Amuro Namie announces first single of 2011…and it’s a triple A-side!

The “Queen of Hip-Pop”, Amuro Namie, has just announced a new single!

The triple A-side single, “NAKED/Fight Together/-TBA-“, will be released on July 27th, and it will be her first single of 2011.

She just released a collaboration album, “Checkmate!“, last month (April 27th), which hit #1 on the Oricon Chart and was #2 on the United World Chart.

“NAKED” will be the theme song to a Kose CM for “ESPRIQUE“, and it’ll be produced by Osawa Shinichi with lyrics provided by VERBAL (m-flo). It’s said that “NAKED” is a very “Amuro-ish” song, meaning it’s dance-able.

The second song, “Fight Together”, as stated earlier, is the theme song to anime “ONE PIECE“, and went on-air in April.

The third song has yet to be revealed, but is said to have a major tie-up.

The triple A-side single will come in a limited and regular edition. The limited edition coming with a DVD and costs ¥1,890 ($23 USD), while the regular edition is ¥1,260 ($15 USD).

The song “Fight Together” will be available on Chaku Uta (R) on June 1st, and you can check out the song from the opening of “ONE PIECE” below:

ONE PIECE ワンピース (Wanpīsu) (OPENING 14) -...

source: tokyohive

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