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Crystal the monkey upstages The Hangover 2's leading men at movie's premiere


Monkeying around: Ken Jeong poses with Crystal the monkey at the premiere of The Hangover Part II at Grauman's Chinese theatre in Hollywood

Her pink dress was complete with ruffles and carefully accessioned with a pearl necklace.

But it wasn't Crystal's outfit that stole the show at the premiere of the Hangover 2 last night, but the fact she's a monkey.

The newest cast member of the hotly anticipated sequel to the The Hangover made quite an impact on her arrival in Hollywood.

Here I am! Crystal jumps for the cameras in front of crowds of fans

Dressed in a glamorous gown, Crystal worked the black carpet like a pro and was quick to put her cast members in the shade in their unsightly selection of suits.

The movie's four male leads arrived to excited cheers from awaiting fans, but their choice of two-piece suits left a lot to be desired.

Premiere guests descended on the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles and could not wait to be one of the first to see the movie's sequel.

Show stopper: Crystal the monkey steals the show in her pink dress at The Hangover 2 premiere in Hollywood last night

Dressed to impress: Crystal the monkey was a huge hit on the black carpet at last night's World Premiere of The Hangover 2 in Hollywood

Funny man Zach Galifianakis joined his three male co-stars on the black carpet in a less than sophisticated 80's style shiny grey suit.

But before the fashion police could descend on the bearded comic, heart throb Bradley Cooper raised the bar by joining him on the red carpet in a nasty double-breasted brown version.

Not one to make his co-stars look bad, The Office star, Ed Helms arrived in an equally undesirable pink and blue tartan tie teamed with a powder blue suit.

Style envy: Crystal the monkey tries to sabotage Kristen Bell's glossy hair when she jumped on the actress's shoulder and took a firm grip on her head and face

Black carpet beauties: Kirsten Bell, left, and Sasha Barrese looked sensational in their choice of glamorous above-the-knee dresses last night

Monkey business: Crystal lapped up the attention from photographers and fans as she jumped around in her little pink dress

Whoever was responsible for dressing the film's leading men was surely off sick yesterday, so it's a good job Crystal was on hand to distract guests in her miniature gown.

Fortunately, the female cast members also helped to tip the balance nicely when they arrived in a glittering selection of gorgeous evening gowns.

One of film's leading ladies, Sasha Barrese, who looked radiant in a red and white print mini dress and showed off her long, tanned legs with a pair of towering nude high heels.

Get ready for part II: The sequel is about to hit cinemas and is said to be funnier than the first

She was joined in the style-winning stakes by Forgetting Sarah Marshal star, Kristen Bell, who looked sensational in a layered peach and grey cocktail dress.

Kristen's envious ensemble was clearly a little too much for Crystal the monkey to bare as she later attacked the blonde actress when she jumped up onto her shoulders and ruffled her perfectly styled hair.

Does not suit you sir! Zach Galifianakis arrives at the premiere of The Hangover Part II at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood last night

Style offence: Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms arrive at the highly anticipated premiere of The Hangover 2 in less than stylish suits

Another male actor who raised eyebrows in his poor suit choice was Hollywood superstar, Robert Downey Jr.

The Iron Man actor's choice mix-match of red suit jacket, black trousers and giant biker boots left onlookers wondering whether he was in on some secret bad suit joke.

Fortunately, his gorgeous wife, Susan, joined the other female guests with her choice of stylish, black cocktail dress and glossy, tousled locks.

Runaway actors: Bradley Cooper runs down the street with a friend as screaming fans beg the heartthrob for his autograph

Guest who? Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey made a surprise guest appearance at the movie's premiere last night

Back for more: From left, Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, Justin Bartha and Ed Helms in a scene from the new film set in Thailand

The exciting sequel sees the four male leads take a trip to Thailand to celebrate Stu's wedding.

Given the mayhem they encountered during their bachelor party jaunt to Las Vegas, Stu is taking no chances and has planned a sedate, pre-wedding 'brunch' for the guys to toast his imminent nuptials.

Needless to say, Bangkok had bigger plans for the foursome as they embark on another chaotic string of comical, drunken escapades.

Boys gone wild: Bradley Cooper jokes around with his co-star Zach Galifianakis in front of photographers

Fight stars: Bradley Cooper hugs a sleepy looking Mike Tyson outside the Chinese Theatre last night

The Hangover 2 - Official Trailer (HD)

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