Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Even popstars need sleep: Tired-looking Lady Gaga has a rare off-day


Time for bed? Lady Gaga was looking tired and pale as left her London hotel late last night for yet another promotional engagment ahead of the release of her album Born This Way

She's one of the hardest working and most prolific popstars in the world today - so it's hardly surprising that even Lady Gaga has an off day from time to time.

The normally perfectly styled star, 25, was seen looking tired and drawn as she left her London hotel last night for yet another engagement.

As she removed her sunglasses, the relatively dressed-down singer looked as if she'd rather be in bed - but her self-imposed relentless schedule just wouldn't allow it.

Off-day: The star is in the middle of a hectic schedule ahead of the release of her album Born This Way on Monday as well as new single Hair today

Gaga is currently in the middle of a promotional whirlwind. Her new album Born This Way comes out on May 23, she went to No. 1 last week with Edge Of Glory and released the video for new single Judas last week too.

On top of that, she releases yet another new single Hair today - and Tweeted last night that she was undergoing another reinvention to mark the occasion too.

She wrote: 'How ironic, head full of bleach + two black Cruella stripes. Scalp burning, Mole drawing, eyeliner dripping. Waiting for #Hair. I could Dye.'

She added: 'I'll dye living just as free as my Hair!" Actually the lyric is "I'll die." I think these bleach fumes are making me laugh at my own jokes.'

Sneaking out the back door: The star snuck out wearing a leather jacket, tights, and stiletto boots

Star style: Gaga in typically flamboyant fashion at the Radio 1 Big Weekend festival on Sunday

source: dailymail

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