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Sneak peek: Jamie Bell voices the intrepid reporter as Steven Spielberg brings Tintin to the big screen


Leaping off the page: Jamie Bell voices intrepid reporter Tintin in the long-awaited film adaptation of the Herge book series

Having bought the film rights to Tintin 28 years ago, Steven Spielberg's big screen vision of the stories has been a long time coming.

But for fans of the intrepid reporter, they've been given a hint of things to come as the first trailer for the Tintin movie was released online.

A one minute trailer of The Adventures Of Tintin: Secret Of The Unicorn - the first in a proposed trilogy of Tintin movies - premiered online ahead of its release in December.

Trusty sidekick: Tintin gets a helping hand from his pet dog Snowy as he fights an enemy

The motion-capture animated film sees Spielberg returning to the director's chair with Lord Of The Rings' Peter Jackson producing.

Hoping to stay faithful to Tintin creator Herge, aka George Remi's, memory, Spielberg enlisted Edgar Wright, Doctor Who scribe Steven Moffat and Joe Cornish to helm the script.

Providing the voice of the adventurer is Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell, with Daniel Craig as the nefarious Red Rackham.

We've got our eyes on you: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost voice bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson

Of course, Tintin's escapades wouldn't be complete without his trusty canine sidekick Snowy.

The cast is predominantly British with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost playing bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson.

Andy Serkis - who famously was captured on motion capture to play Gollum in Lord Of The Rings - voices Tintin's best friend Captain Haddock, while The Office star Mackenzie Crook voices a smuggler.

Giving chase: Tintin is on the hunt for a good story

Little is being given away about the plotline with only fleeting glimpses of the characters in the trailer.

The trailer opens with Tintin carrying a torch searching an empty room as a voiceover warns 'I don't think you realise this, but you're about to walk into a whole mess of danger.'

A shadowy Tintin is seen lifting a dust sheet off a display box - what it contains is unclear - as he tells Snowy: 'Look at this...'

Follow that boy: Thomson and Thompson give chase

As Tintin is heard asking: 'A unicorn... what secrets do you hold?' we are given a quick look at Thomson and Thompson - spotted spying on Tintin through holes in a newspaper.

As a voice is heard saying 'how could you let them escape?', Tintin is seen punching a man in the face as he tries to flee a boat cabin.

In snapshots of scenes a plane is seen crashing in the desert, Tintin is seen chasing someone in a blue car and a pirate ship tries to navigate a stormy sea.

Danger: A plane is seen crashing into pieces in the desert

Spielberg said: 'We are going to make three Tintin movies back-to-back. I'll direct the first one, Peter will direct the second one. We'll probably co-direct the third one.'

Over 200 million copies of the Tintin books have been sold worldwide since they were first published as a comic strip in 1929.

The books have been translated into 70 languages.

Threats: The bad guys are hunting Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin Trailer 2011 HD

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