Friday, June 17, 2011

Copycat Queen: Lady Gaga steals more of Madonna's iconic 80s style in her new music video Edge of Glory


80's tribute: Lady Gaga's new music video Edge of Glory take more style inspiration from Madonna in the 80's

She took a lot of flack for her sins the first time, but it would seem it did not deter Lady Gaga from taking even more style notes from Madonna in her latest music video, Edge of Glory.

After receiving a barrage of criticism for copying Madonna's musical style with Born This Way, the 25-year-old singer has seemingly gone one further and boldly copied the Queen of Pop yet again.

Provocative, raunchy and reminiscent of a number of Madonna's iconic chart hits, Gaga has today released what would appear to be the ultimate 80s tribute video.

On the edge: One of Gaga's seductive dance routines see her hanging off the edge of a fire escape in New York

Scantily-clad and displaying an array of seductive dance moves and facial expressions, Gaga's new chart offering is undoubtedly going to be a Summer smash, but whether Madonna's fan base will approve is yet to be revealed.

Gaga's own loyal fan base are unlikely to be disappointed as the track itself is tipped to be yet another Summer anthem.

The Poker Face singer's new video for the Edge of Glory sees her gyrating up and down a dimly lit fire escape, quite literally on 'the edge' of a apartment block in New York.

Trend setter: One of Madonna's iconic 80's looks in as Nikki Finn in the hit 1987 movie, Who's that Girl

Channelling looks from Madonna's performance in Who's That Girl, with cropped blonde hair, leather studded attire and flat cap, Gaga's appearance has many comparisons to Madonna's iconic role as Nikki Finn in the 1987 hit movie.

Gaga's dance moves are also reminiscent of the 1983 musical, Flash Dance, proving there is little originality in the entertainer's latest video offering.

Inspired: A number of Gaga's dance routines in the video are similar to those in the hit musical Flash Dance

One thing that Gaga is likely to receive praise for is her use of wardrobe designs from Gianni Versace's last collection.

The studded, leather ensemble comprised of a selection of leather belts and braces, heavy gold jewellery and paired with a large pair of black jewel-embellished knickers.

With her eyes adorned with thick black eye-liner and teamed with a monochrome cropped wig, there is no mistaking the singer's intentions to pack her own style punch.

Original: Actress Jennifer Beal performs one of the iconic dance scenes in the 1983 hit, Flash Dance

Rolling around on the pavement and kissing the curb, Gaga's angry performance fits neatly into her current political bid to pass marriage equality in the State of New York.

While promoting the release of her new single yesterday, Gaga snapped up the opportunity to encourage her American fans to vote for marriage equality by tweeting: 'Today we are on the Edge of Glory and 1 vote away for marriage equality passing in New York State'

Shortly after she reiterated with: 'Attention Little Monsters URGENT. Call your Senators, and help legalize Gay Marriage in NY TODAY. Justice.'

Stepping up: A scantily-clad Gaga scales a fire escape down the side of a dimly lit apartment block in New York

source: dailymail

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