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The cutest dancers: Street dancing eight-year-olds steal the show on America's Got Talent


Off to Vegas: The Art of Teknique show off their Hip Hop dance moves on America's Got Talent

They are still at elementary school. But this trio of street dancing pre-teens stole the show on last night's America's Got Talent.

The Art of Teknique - three boys aged from eight to ten - won themselves tickets to Vegas after they started busting out some killer Hip Hop moves dressed in dapper suits and black trainers.

The boys grinned cheekily throughout their performance and the judges were delighted, praising them for their 'real skill'.

Got the moves: The boys, aged eight to ten, were in perfect sync

Piers Morgan told the youngsters: 'You were absolutely brilliant,' while Sharon Osbourne added: "You guys love it. You love to dance.

'You're very natural performers, I adore you.'

When stand-up comic Howie Mandel asked the boys, from Sacramento in California if they liked girls yet, one shyly replied: 'No!'

Dapper: The boys wore matching suits and trainers for their performance

The usual crowd of strange wannabes was also out in force for the auditions, hosted by Nick Cannon, including a 46-year-old man who claimed to hold the world record for blowing up hot water bottles to bursting point.

Sadly he was unable to even explode even one - blaming a new brand.

Piers said: 'That was one of most pointless things ever seen in my entire life.'

We did it! The three best friends celebrate getting three yeses, as their mums watch from the side

Go boys! Their mothers watched from the side with Nick Cannon

An aunt of another rejected contestant then confronted Piers and told him he was 'no good'.

The highlight of the show for CNN host Piers was a 55-year-old realtor from Denver who came on stage with a 'special song' for him.

Marylee told the judges: 'I write songs for dead people. I take stories about someone who has died then write a song about them.

'I sang silently for decades. But I have written a special song for someone here who happens to be alive.'

Songs for dead people: Marylee made an exception and composed a song for a living person - Piers Morgan

I love her! Piers backed Marylee, saying 'it's about as good as it gets'

Piers put his head in his hands but after she had serenaded him, along with a projector movie of old Piers footage, he said: 'That was a good a song as I have ever heard and one of the best movies.

'I'll definitely see you go all the way. It was great for me and you get a resounding yes.'

Sharon and Howie disagreed however and Piers' crooner had to go home.

The panel: Piers, Sharon Morgan and stand-up comic Howie Mandel

Another hit of the night was a band of young dads called BGP who gave a rendition of Elton John's Bennie and the Jets.

They received the first standing ovation of the night and Piers said they had 'great charisma'.

Other contestants included a free-style dancer called Alaska who had the judges joining in, a 'charming' pole-dancer and a wannabe comedian who once told 676 jokes in one hour.

Kids dancing on America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent - Season 6 - Marylee Audition

source: dailymail

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