Monday, June 13, 2011

2PM’s Junho wants to shower with his girlfriend?

2PM’s Junho made an explosive comment that had fangirls reeling with shock.

On June 13th, the reporters of “Good Day – Entertainment Plus” interviewed 2PM at the set of their latest beverage CF.

The segment began with Nichkhun sharing his secrets on how he sculpted his body. He shyly revealed, “I just ardently go to the gym to work out.“ Taecyeon then revealed, “Nichkhun is the type who doesn’t gain weight regardless of how much he eats. He’s been working out while eating a lot of food.”

The 2PM members were then asked what kind of CF they would like to film. Nichkhun confessed that he wants to do a Banana Milk CF, but Taecyeon smoothly interjected with, “I want to film commercials for the beverage brand we are filming for now for 100 years.”

Lastly, the members were asked what they wanted to do if they had a girlfriend. Junsu considered their current beverage CF saying, “I want to go to Switzerland to drink the drink that we are making a CF for,” which brought about much laughter.

Junho, on the other hand, said, “If I get a girlfriend, I want to shower with her,” causing his group members to gasp in shock.

At least the boy knows what he wants, right?

source: dailymail

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