Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bikini babe Christine Bleakley can't keep her hands off boyfriend Frank Lampard as they enjoy romantic Vegas vacation


Romantic rendezvous: Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley giggle as they enjoy a romantic holiday in Las Vegas

They may have been dating for nearly two years, but it seems Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard are still very much in the honeymoon period of their relationship.

The couple were pictured kissing and cuddling as they enjoyed a romantic holiday in Las Vegas earlier this week.

Christine, who showed off her slender figure in a blue and white polka dot bikini, couldn't resist pulling her Chelsea midfielder for a series of kisses as they basked in the sunshine before taking a dip in the hotel pool.

Pucker up: The couple's love for each other was clear as they kissed and cuddled in the hotel pool

And the feeling was most definitely mutual, as Frank cheekily kept grabbing his girlfriend's pert posterior as they relaxed at their hotel.

It was reported last month that Frank is apparently to be planning a romantic proposal on board one of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich's luxury yachts.

Father-of-two Lampard, 32, is preparing to get down on one knee in Sardinia next week and ask for Bleakley's hand in marriage.

Bikini babe: Christine showed off her slender figure in a navy blue and white polka dot bikini

Come here for another smooch: Christine pulls in Frank for another romantic clinch as they relax on the sunloungers at their hotel

A source said: 'Frank intends to propose in the most romantic way possible. He's got it all planned out. He will spent most of June away with Christine and by the time he and Christine are back in London, they will be engaged.

Sardinia holds a special place for the couple because it's where they enjoyed their first proper holiday as couple last July after England crashed out of the World Cup.

In an interview with the Mail earlier this month, Christine, 32, downplayed any speculation about getting married, despite admitting how happy she was with her footballer beau.

Cheeky! Frank couldn't resist grabbing his girlfriend's pert posterior as they basked in the Las Vegas sunshine

She said: 'People keep asking when he’s going to ask me to marry him. But I’m the last person who should know that.

'We went to Paris for two days a few weeks ago and suddenly it was, "Look, they’re ring shopping." No, we weren’t and he certainly hasn’t asked.

‘We’ve only been seeing each other a year and a half, which isn’t long enough for me. There are his children to think about, too.

'I can’t imagine not being with Frank, and I’d like to enjoy being married to him for a while before having children. Frank would have more tomorrow, but he knows I’m not ready for it.’

source: dailymail

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