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Britain's Got Talent final


Swinging time: Melbourne-born Marawa wowed the judges with her hula hoop routine

The Melbourne-born hula dancer did her thing with myriad hoops, complete with backing dancers, acrobatics and pyrothecnics.

Simon exclaimed afterwards: 'You've definitely lightened the mood now! That was the best hula hooping I've ever seen, you could not have put more into it.

Your facial expressions were absolutely hysterical too. You've put me in a good mood whatever happens, you are going to be booked for life!'

Fellow judge David Hasselhoff concurred, musing: 'You were almost literally on fire! A fantastic job!'

Big sound: Michael Collings won through to the finals of Britain's Got Talent with his soulful version of Paul Weller's You Do Something To Me

Gravity defying: Romanian Razy Gogonea, who lives in Manchester with his Lancastrian fiancée was the outright winner of tonight's semi with his Matrix-inspired dance routine

No strings attached: Razy admitted that he hurt himself pulling off his show-winning moves

Cock-a-hoop: Marawa was thrilled to have cheered Simon up after his angry opening speech

Such great heights: Show hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly were dwarfed by singing dog act Pip & Puppy

Not seeing eye-to-eye: The judges were not keen on Antonio Popeye

Rude to stare: Antonio Popeye's act did what it said on the tin

Next up was the equally over-the-top Pip and Puppy - aka opera singer Pippa Langhorne and her pooch Buddy.

As she trilled opera, her dog - dressed in a suit and dicky bow - howled while the pair of them got higher and higher as she rose on a platform hidden under her very long ballgown.

Equally bizarrely, all the judges loved it.

Wrong show: Former X Factor contestants bizarrely popped up as surprise guests to back semi-finalist Antonio

You look familiar: But the Kate and Wills lookalikes didn't help Antonio and his odd eye-bulging act win through either

Buzzed off: Antonio was the first - and only - act in the semi-final to be buzzed off by all four judges so had to stop before he'd finished

Amanda enthused: 'You reached new heights this evening. It was gorgeous. You're beautiful and you have a lovely voice.'

Simon meanwhile gave the act ovation, saying: 'All my life I've been waiting for a singing dog. I don't know how the dog remembers the words.'

Out-there Irish dancing act The Celtic Colleens also got a thumbs-up across the board, for their routine totally done in darkness about from their luminous legs and hands.

Simon - clearly having a better time on the show than on previous nights - mused after their act: 'I've got to say there were moments last night when I was almost losing the will to live.

Tense: The moment the acts in voted into the top three by the public waited to find which two would go through to the final

Man's best friend: But Puppy just howled at Pip's singing

Doggone: Despite getting voted into the top three by the public, Pippa And Puppy were sent home with their tail between their legs

'But tonight, I have to hand it to you three, you've done a very good job. You guys have done fantastic, that was really really smart, and I've never seen anything like that before, congratulations.'

However, husband and wife singing act Mr and Mrs failed to impress him with their version of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream and he buzzed them off almost immediately.

Next in line, teen rappers Jamie and George, aka Follow the Right Path, however did ring Simon's bell, as they rapped about their dead grandfather to the tune of Mika's Happy Ending.

Simon also managed to make George cry, though with tears of happiness, when he praised the duo despite criticisms from judges Amanda Holden and Michael McIntyre, saying they were 'absolutely brilliant.'

Lost in translation: Despite being given a wild card to come back on the show, despite being voted off by the judges earlier, French dancer Michael Moral failed to be voted through by the public

On song: Follow The Right Path rapped about losing their grandfather

Tears of joy: Follow The Right Path got emotional after resounding praise from Simon Cowell

Contestant Antonio certainly scored a first as the only semi-finalist to get buzzed by all four judges so he had to stop his act before the end.

He stood centre of stage bulging his eyes in time to the music surrounded by feather-waving dancing girls, as a pair of Kate and Wills lookalikes waved and Jedward pranced around behind him.

Michael Moral, the French dancer who Simon had brought back did better and got positive remarks from all four judges - though he failed to win in the dance off with rival Razy.

Bum note: Husband and wife act Mr And Mrs failed to strike the right chord with the judges or the voting public

Razy, who lives in Manchester with his Lancastrian fiancée, earned a standing ovation for his Matrix-inspired, gravity-defying body-popping routine.

The audience were equally wowed by scruffy singing sensation Michael Collings, a 19-year-old IT engineer and new father.

He has previously made a point of saying he's not a gypsy or a traveller just because he lives on a caravan site, saying: 'I'm not a gypsy and I don't live on a gypsy site,' explaining instead it was just a residential caravan park where his parents moved last year to escape the city.

Not so black and white: Despite wowing the judges and getting a great reaction from the audience, The Celtic Colleens Irish dance act failed to go through to the final

Wearing a checked shirt and tatty jeans, he sat on a stool with just his guitar for company and delivered a stunning version of You Do Something to Me by Paul Weller.

Simon was impressed - and appeared to be referring to the performance of 19-year-old Jessica Hobley from Thursday night, who he made cry with his criticism of her song and dance routine performance of Beyoncé's Single Ladies.

Great moves: The BGT 2009 winners Diversity wowed the crowd on the results show

Together at last: JLS and Diversity gave a great performance on the results show

He gushed: 'When you've got it - and you've got it - you don't need any dancers or any effects. This is why artists like Adele are doing so well all over the world.
'If you've got soul in your voice, and you have got soul in your voice, you can make it. That was absolutely fantastic.'

David meanwhile said Michael reminded him of a young Chris Rea.

Michael and Razy found themselves in the top three after the audience vote along with Pip and Puppy in the results show, on which Diversity performed with JLS for the first time ever.

What a wag: Judge David Hasselhoff arrived dressed as his famous Baywatch character Mitch Buchannon

All heart: Judge Amanda Holden in a heart print dress arriving at the BGT studios before the show (L) and Imogen Thomas, who was a guest in the audience

Driven man: Head judge Simon arrived at the studios in a swish black Bentley

Razy was the outright winner and automatically went through - then Michael swept the board with all four judges voting to put him through over the dog act.

They join finalists pianist Paul Gbegbaje, Ronan Parke, boogie woogie keyboard player Jean Martyn, boyband New Bounce, ballet dancer James Hobley, impressionist Les Gibson, singer Jai McDowall and comedy dancer Steven Hall.

The Britain's Got Talent final is on Saturday on ITV1 at 7pm.

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