Saturday, June 4, 2011

Clover performs “Ice Trim” on Music Core

After promoting “La Vida Loca“, hip hop project group trio Clover is making a return on the Music Core stage with their follow-up song, “Ice Trim“.

The group enjoyed much success with their debut track, “La Vida Loca”, ranking in on various music charts and being acknowledged for their unique musical style. This time, they’ll be promoting a slightly more upbeat song that still embodies the style they’re known for.

The song is noted amongst netizens for being Gilme’s playful diss track against Eun Ji Won, as it contains the lyrics, “Please let go of my contract.”

Gilme is housed under GYM Entertainment, a label run by CEO Eun Ji Won.

The song’s title itself is a play on words, as ‘burp (trim)’ and ‘cream’ are just one letter off in Korean.

Both the title and lyrics are said to be an expression of their ruthless style, “As it takes guts to be able to burp in public and not care.”

source: allkpop

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