Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rania talks about their “Masquerade” performance

On June 10th, Rania made their return with their follow-up track, “Masquerade,” on KBS’s “Music Bank.” Following their performance, the girls sat down for an interview with TV Daily and shared their thoughts on their return.

The girls began, “It’s a stage we still feel nervous about, just like our debut. We’re a performance-geared group so we all want to show something amazing. Member T-ae injured her ankle while rehearsing for ‘Masquerade’ so she has to compress it with bandages to perform on stage. It’s really upsetting.”

T-ae revealed, “The choreography for ‘Dr. Feel Good‘ was difficult, but ‘Masquerade’ is even more difficult. I’m receiving treatment at the hospital so I will get better. It’s an injury, but I’m working harder to show that we don’t lack anything as a performance group.”

Rania continued, “We want to show something different from our debut, both in our image and our outfits. There was a sexually suggestive controversy, but we hope that people will take an interest in the concept that we hope to show.”

When asked to describe their style for “Masquerade”, the girls replied, “It’s a lot more detailed than ‘Dr. Feel Good.’ Performing with a mic is definitely harder than before. Through ‘Masquerade’, we hope to show that we have a powerful charm and energize the public as well.”

source: allkpop

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